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Denso announces project to launch smart mobility ecosystem in Ohio

Global mobility solutions provider Denso announced it is investing $1.4 million to launch a smart mobility ecosystem in Dublin, Ohio, with the main aim of enhancing transportation.

 In the project, the company is working with a coalition of municipal, state, business and academic partners to test and implement infrastructure technologies, create value-added mobility services, and gather previously untapped data that are vital to increasing road and pedestrian safety and reducing travel times, Denso said.

“Creating smart mobility ecosystems in urban, suburban and rural communities is vital to better understanding how things and people move in different environments and ensuring transportation is as safe, sustainable and efficient as possible,” said Roger Berg, vice president of research and development, North America, at Denso. “In this project, we and our partners are leveraging advanced technologies to improve road infrastructure, better identify traffic patterns, and gather and analyze key data that can ultimately increase safety, reduce congestion and provide better transportation services to a wide range of geographies.”

Denso said it is using technologies which enable collection of real-time traffic data, measurement of transportation patterns, identification of new economic opportunities, optimized governance, and proactive responses to potential issues and crises.

“The city of Dublin has a long history of innovation in service delivery and community development,” said Megan O’Callaghan, city of Dublin public works director. “This collaboration with Denso demonstrates an important partnership we are actively engaging in to shape the future of smart mobility, which will ultimately make roads safer and more efficient.”

Luke Stedke, managing director for communications at DriveOhio, said, “Ohio is the place to invest in smart mobility technology. By leveraging lessons learned from this research and development project, leaders from across Ohio can make more informed decisions on connected transportation solutions that make our roadways safer.”

Denso is currently working with the following partners in Ohio to implement its Smart Mobility Ecosystem: 

-The city of Dublin, that will beta-test a strategically targeted transportation corridor that includes both roundabouts and signalized intersections.

-The Ohio State University, whose researchers at its Center for Automotive Research will provide a range of smart mobility solutions, including data services and analytics.

-Connected Signals, creators of predictive V2I technology that makes cars, transit, pedestrians and cyclists safer and more fuel-efficient.

-DERQ USA, an AI platform developer that integrates with existing traffic and sensor systems and powers real-time advanced analytics and connected vehicle safety apps

-No Traffic, an AI-powered traffic signal platform

Denso is headquartered in Kariya, Japan with U.S. headquarters in Southfield, Michigan. It has more than 27,000 engineers, researchers and workers across 31 sites in the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

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