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Itron to connect 240,000 smart electricity meters in Western Australia

Itron has a deal with givernment owned utility Western Power in Australia to connect around 240,000 electricity meters.

Western Power, in Western Australia, will gain visibility into the operation of its electricity distribution network, enabling automated data collection, new remote services and the ability to proactively monitor faults and outages.

The solution will also enable Western Power to better manage distributed energy resources, including managing rooftop solar systems and battery storage, said Itron. It will make impreovements in terms of efficiency, reliability and customer service, it said.

Jacqui Hall, acting chief financial officer at Western Power, said: “Western Power is committed to delivering on the changing energy needs of our customers. With Itron’s IoT network as the foundation, we will be better placed to deploy advanced meters on our grid, to improve safety performance, reliability and operating efficiency.

“Advanced metering infrastructure is also one of the keys that will help unlock energy options and innovations for our customers such as renewables, community batteries and microgrids.”

Paul Nelsen, vice president of sales for Asia Pacific at Itron, said: “Our proven solution complies with Australia’s regulatory standards and is designed to cost effectively improve operational efficiency for the utility’s central metropolitan area and major regional towns.

“With Itron’s multi-application network and smart devices, Western Power will be able to realize its energy efficiency and customer service goals today while preparing for the future.”

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