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Senet integrates with IoT devices to accelerate LoRaWAN rollout in the US

Senet has announced a deal to integrate LoRaWAN connectivity with LoRa-based sensors from US equipment vendor Radio Bridge and smart cities solutions from Spanish IoT firm Wellness Telecom.

Radio Bridge has said it will offer customers the option to purchase LoRaWAN connectivity from Senet directly through its web-base device management console, a free service for provisioning, monitoring and configuring LoRa sensors, as well as building IoT applications via a RESTful API interface.

Senet claims the largest LoRaWAN network in North America.

Bruce Chatterley, chief executive at Senet, said: “Our partnership will speed the product development process and provide go-to-market capabilities for developers across a wide range of rapidly advancing IoT applications.”

Steve Kilts, chief executive at Radio Bridge, said: “Our collaboration allows system and solution developers as well as integrators across many vertical markets to build applications using our broad range of sensors and device management console, which are now compatible and integrated with the Senet network.”

Seville-based Wellness Telecom will offer device and data software from Senet, to manage city-focused LoRa sensors deployed on LoRaWAN, as it seeks to expand into the US smart city market, as well as catering to ultities and manufacturers.

Wellness Telecom has deployed IoT solutions in over 400 cities, it claims. Its solutions include street-lighting management and control WeLight, waste and recycling collection system Quamtra, smart-building enery and water tracker WeSave, and smart-city big-data software Amaia

Wellness Telecom has offices in Orlando, Florida, as well.

Chatterley said: “Smart city solutions present an enormous opportunity for municipalities to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits. We look forward to working with Wellness Telecom as it collaborates with municipalities to create the network backbone for connected city-wide services.”

David Garcia Ternero, founder and chife at Wellness Telecom, said: “While we have experience setting up LoRaWAN network infrastructure in other countries, it is not a core function of our business. We wanted to partner with a stable, reputable leader. Our partnership allows us to easily connect our full suite of smart city products and to easily scale as our customer base grows.”

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