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LoRa Alliance simplifies device testing for manufacturers and operators

The LoRa Alliance has expanded its LoRaWAN certification programme to simplify and reduce testing for device makers and network operators.

A single certification process will cover conformance, interoperability, and radio-frequency testing, reducing time and expense for device manufacturers. Network operators will not be required to run additional network testing on certified devices.

Donna Moore, chief executive and chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance, said the new testing regime, and the certified testing mark, will provide “confidence to the market” that devices will perform as intended.

Moore said: “European LoRaWAN network operators recently mandated that only LoRaWAN Certified devices can be used on their networks, underscoring the robustness of our device testing and certification programme.”

The LoRa Alliance has also made available a LoRaWAN pre-certification test tool (LCTT) to members, designed for use at a device makers’ facilities to pretest and prove a device design before shipping it for formal certification testing.

“This benefits members by allowing full testing and regression testing of their device at their location, saving time and money by allowing them to debug and finalise their designs prior to starting the formal certification process,” it said.

The LCTT tool will be available this week for testing in specific regions, with global availability to follow.

The LoRa Alliance is meeting with members next week in Berlin for its annual LoRaWAN Live! event to discuss roadmaps and development.

If you haven’t watched already, check out Enterprise IoT Insights’ interview with LoRa Alliance chief Donna Moore from MWC 2019, below.

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