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MediaTek launches IoT program to foster AI-enabled chipset platforms

Taiwanese semiconductor maker MediaTek  announced an IoT program to bring a series of AI-enabled chipset platforms to companies that want to innovate and develop products across the IoT space, the company said in a release.

The platform, based on open and industry standard software and hardware, is founded on MediaTek’s chipsets.

Under the new program, MediaTek is unveiling new chipsets that include edge AI technology for voice, display, object recognition and other features needed for smart IoT devices. In addition, MediaTek has aligned with independent design houses in China, Europe and the U.S., including BayLibre and StreamUnlimited. The design houses support the MediaTek chipsets with industry standard software and offer the needed hardware, software and technical support for companies designing AI devices with MediaTek’s AI IoT platforms.

“We are bringing AI to mainstream Internet of Things products to make it easier for diverse industries to access MediaTek chipsets and technologies through a value-add partner network,” said Jerry Yu, MediaTek corporate SVP and GM of the Intelligent Devices Business Group.

“The internet of things has entered its next phase. AI features are being integrated into nearly every type of consumer device imaginable. That means connected devices now require a processor to support AI applications, rather than a more limited microcontroller unit that has been historically used. MediaTek’s rich IoT program lets companies of all sizes bring devices to market with advanced AI, multimedia and connectivity features,” said Yu.

The chipsets in MediaTek’s new program have a variety of standard-based support through the design houses, including an evaluation kit that will be offered to companies through Seeed Studios. Features supported on the platform through the design houses include:

-4.19 Linux Kernel; Yocto 2.6; Android Pie 9.0

-OP-TEE (compatible with GlobalPlatform API specification)

-Amazon Voice Service with audio front end algorithms (wake-word engine, far-field)

-Connectivity such as Wi-Fi 5 and 4G

Seeed Studios helps produce and provide global access to the next generation of AI enabled IoT products through its manufacturing and distribution services.

“Seeed Studio is proud to support MediaTek’s Rich IoT program. We bring over ten years of experience to the initiative utilizing our extensive supply chain network and providing agile manufacturing and global distribution services,” said Eric Pan, CEO of of Seeed Studios.

With this new program, MediaTek said it aims to spur AI innovation by making it easier for enterprises, startups, emerging brands and OEMs in diverse markets to design IoT devices with AI capabilities such as face, object and voice recognition.

MediaTek is initially focused on three primary AI IoT segments with its new program:

-Voice Enabled Devices: To enable more products with voice assistant capability like smart speakers, washers and dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances and smart locks

-Display and Screen Devices: Products that need a smart display or act as a smart hub like thermostats, head-mounted displays, point of sale terminals, and exercise equipment

-AI Vision Devices: Products and devices that need to recognize objects or people like smart security systems, smart ovens, robots, drones and other products that can benefit from AI recognition or computer vision technology.

MediaTek manufactures systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile device, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT products.

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