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Arm ramps up Pelion IoT proposition with work-space analytics tool

Arm has launched a work-space analytics tool, Space Analytics, to give property managers of coworking spaces, commercial offices and hotels a view of the utilisation and availability of offices and hospitality spaces.

Space Analytics is part of its Pelion Smart Spaces portfolio, running on its Pelion IoT platform. It takes data from off-the-shelf IoT devices like cameras, beacons, sensors, and smart lighting, as well as from standard enterprise systems.

It can be used as a straight analytics tool to manage space utilisation, and be combined with the parallel device, data, and systems management tools available with its Pelion platform. Arm is running a trial of the system with startup hub Dogpatch Labs, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Dogpatch Labs is home to 80 startups. It is running an initial 30-day proof-of-concept to establish traffic platterns and other insights about its facilities. Arm said the initial data findings will be used in the following 60 days to optimise its facilities management, and search out cost efficiencies and productivity gains.

Arm will sell Space Analytics via its own direct channels, as well as through partners, including systems integrators and service providers in the commercial property market, and also IoT device makers.

Arm said property owners and managers will be able to monitor how their work spaces are being utilised, down to room level. This includes detail about occupancy rates and schedules, as well as usage of office resources, and how energy is being consumed.

They will be able to adjust, schedule, and reorganise space and resources, dynamically, in real-time and on a predictive basis. Dave Weidner, senior director of Pelion market development at Arm, said conversations with potential clients have focused around energy savings in the first instance.

However the analytics tool, as part of its broader IoT offer, is designed also to prompt owners and managers to seize new ways to switch-around their work-spaces and resources, and monetise their assets.

“We’re able to provide actionable data insights on space and resource usage, all of which work toward driving greater efficiencies and maximizing revenue,” said Weidner.

He suggested property managers could offer discounted rates at non-peak hours, new rates for the best and closest work spaces, and reduce expenses related to cleaning and lighting through a better understanding of usage and occupancy.

Arm has also launched an indoor lighting offer for deployment, management, and security of intelligent lighting controls. It claims the solution, called Indoor Lighting, will reduce maintenance costs and provide energy savings.

Arm is targeting three ‘vertical’ markets, including asset tracking and the energy and utilities market, alongside its focus on buildings and space visibility, which also covers the retail market.

Arm struck a deal with Singapore-based EDMI, manufacturer of IoT modules for utilities, in March to provide the management platform for smart meter devices, connectivity, and data. EDMI, owned by Osaki Electric Company in Japan, has major smart metering deals with water, gas, and electric utilities in Asia and Europe.

EDMI has “millions of endpoints” globally, said Arm. Its deal with Arm will see it integrate the UK-based firm’s Pelion IoT software platform and Mbed device operating system into its offer to utility providers.

Arm also partnered with Reflexis, which sells store execution software, in January to allow retail store associates to obtain actionable tasks based on real-time IoT data from the solution. Its unified data management solution enables retailers to securely consolidate, unify and manage physical in-store IoT data and digital customer data to obtain a holistic view of the shopper experience, it claims.

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