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Orange agrees €515m deal for Dutch firm SecureLink to bolster cybersecurity offer

SecureLink is one of the largest independent cybersecurity services providers in Europe, with 660 staff and 14 offices in the region, including in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Founded in 2003, and owned by Investcorp, SecureLink recorded revenue of €248m in 2018, and served over 2,100 customers across a broad range of industries. The deal brings Orange’s total income from cybersecurity to around €600 million, takes its staff count to around 1,800, and gives it a presence in eight European countries.

The January purchase of SecureData, reckoned to be the largest independent cybersecurity service provider in the UK at the time, saw it add arund €50 million revenue to its books, along with around 200 staff.

Orange said the combined organisation will be able to address the “growing and increasingly complex security needs of its customers on a global scale, and deliver synergies” with itsOrange Business Services enterprise division, which claims around 3,000 multinational enterprise customers.

SecureLink’s management team will join Orange. The deal is expected to complete in late 2019.

Hugues Foulon, executive director of cybersecurity at Orange, said: “Cybersecurity is a growing priority for companies of all sizes, and we believe the two most important success factors are scale and proximity. Scale because today’s threats are global, complex, and require matching protection capabilities. Proximity because in the global IT world, you want a trusted local partner to secure your most strategic assets.

“With the acquisition of SecureData and SecureLink, Orange has the highest scale to anticipate and fend off attacks, as well as local defense teams in all the main European markets, positioning the combined organisation as the go-to defense specialist.”

Thomas Fetten, chief executive at SecureLink, commented: “We have been very impressed by the ambition and successful development of Orange Cyberdefense over the past few years, and are very excited to build a pan-European leader of cybersecurity together.

“Orange Cyberdefense, SecureData and SecureLink are highly complementary and share a common vision for the sector, and the combined organisation will be in a phenomenal position to address the needs of our customers, partners and employees.”

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