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US Ignite, AWS back smart city startup accelerator program


US Ignite has launched a new smart city startup accelerator program, designed to guide developers through the process of launching a cloud-based business or service oriented to the smart city segment.

Through financial support from Amazon Web Services (AWS), program participants will gain access to an eight-week online training course through Kauffman FastTrac, as well as benefits that include up to $10,000 in AWS credits, and the opportunity to connect with Amazon mentors. Participants will also present their business strategies at a final event this September at Amazon offices in Washington, DC.

The Kauffman FastTrac TechVenture course is an entrepreneur training course designed to help technology-based entrepreneurs grow their businesses. During the course, entrepreneurs learn effective strategies to access financing sources and strategic partners.

US Ignite said that early-stage startup companies are encouraged to apply, with applications open from now through May 31. Ideal candidates for the accelerator program will be developing a cloud-based product or service in one of the following areas:

-Artificial intelligence/machine learning to enhance or streamline city services

-AR/VR for workforce development, first responders, and smart manufacturing

-Autonomous vehicles

-Cybersecurity for IoT and smart city infrastructure

-Public safety sensors and analytics

-Next-generation IoT sensors for energy and other utilities

-Real-time data analysis and visualization tools tailored for city and industry leaders

“The Smart City Startup Accelerator program is part of US Ignite’s efforts with communities across the country – including through the Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) program – to accelerate the adoption of smart city applications across the United States,” US Ignite said. “The goal of these efforts is to solve problems and develop innovation ecosystems with the benefit of advanced networking technologies and data-driven strategies.”

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