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Sigfox launches nationwide IoT network in Canada

French internet of things specialist Sigfox has announced the launch of a nationwide IoT network in Canada.

Through the partnership with the Sigfox Global Network, Sigfox Canada can provide customers with IoT coverage in any of the 60 countries around the world where the firm has IoT connectivity, the company said.

Sigfox also said that device manufacturers can use the Sigfox development kit to enable country-agnostic IoT connected devices. 

 “We are thrilled to bring the Sigfox Global Network to Canada,” said Kent Rawlings, president of Sigfox Canada. “We are building a national IoT network capable of connecting millions of individual devices that will forever change the way businesses and cities operate. We look forward to furthering innovation in Canada and creating a more connected world using the Sigfox low-power wide area network technology.”

Sigfox Canada said that its network is expected to cover more than 14 million Canadians across cities, towns, airports and universities by the end of June 2019.

“We want to solve the problems that are holding back the proliferation of IoT by creating a national low-cost network, using devices that require minimal power and simple communication technology to easily provide connectivity to any device or object,” said Rawlings. “Once Sigfox Canada is fully deployed, anyone will be able to connect anything to the IoT network using one of our Sigfox enabled devices.”

Sigfox Canada currently has launched service in eight out of the ten provinces across Canada and says it will be live in every province by the end of June.

In related news, Michelin, Argon Consulting and Sigfox France announced the creation of Safecube, which will commercialize a solution designed to locate shipments and track their transport conditions such as temperature, and humidity in real time.

This solution will be based on Sigfox’s technology and global 0G network.

“We believe that this new solution, coupled with other Michelin connected mobility offerings, will enable our customers to further optimize their activities and assets, thanks to the quality of the data provided by Safecube,” said Pascal Zammit, director of connected mobility solutions at Michelin.

“From an industrial point of view, maritime flows are probably amongst the most complex and the least controlled within the supply chain,” said Fabrice Bonneau, CEO of Argon. “Some of the key challenges are poorly optimized routes, a lack of visibility and administrative complexity linked to the large number of actors in this space.  Having initiated the first experiments and the design of the solution with Michelin, we’re convinced that Safecube will play a key role in addressing these challenges and optimizing the intercontinental supply chain.”

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