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Teracom, Loriot launch commercial IoT network in Denmark


Loriot said it aims to complete the deployment of 5-6 new IoT networks this year


Danish broadcaster and telecom firm Teracom, together with global internet of things provider Loriot, is launching a nationwide long-range IoT network in Denmark.

Loriot provides the management system of the LoraWAN-based network. The infrastructure enables IoT applications in a range of sectors, including smart metering, smart farming, smart building and smart city applications.

“The plan and rollout was initiated in 2018. The first phase with outdoor coverage has been completed. We currently cover approximately 95% of Denmark. Plans to cover 100% are in development,” Teracom’s CEO Martin Lobel, told Enterprise IoT Insights.

“The interest for IoT solutions and the demand for internet of things connectivity is growing dramatically in Denmark. Teracom is fully committed to provide full coverage to the whole country. Loriot’s network server solution allows us to easily set-up and manage such a large network and enables our customers to scale their applications,” Lobel added.

Julian Studer, Loriot co-founder and COO, told Enterprise IoT Insights that future steps in the deployment include the strengthening of indoor coverage.

“On a weekly basis new gateways and sensors are connected, starting with the most populated regions. In later stages indoor coverage will be guaranteed with more gateways,” Studer said. “The Danish nationwide rollout strengthens our leading positioning in Europe  and we are confident that it will generate even greater demand for and dissemination of IoT solutions.”

Studer said that the company is seeing growing business opportunities in European markets, including Germany and the Nordic countries. However, Loriot also sees Latin America as a future growing engine for the firm.

“The biggest market I see is in Latin America, as this is a very price-sensitive geographical region and IoT is exactly what they need. But this region is lagging 2-3 years behind Europe. However, we have the aim of becoming the largest IoT provider in Latin America,” the executive said.

He also said that Loriot has already deployed 11 nationwide IoT networks and plans to complete the deployment of another 5-6 additional networks during 2019.

Studer also said that the company is also working with city governments in Europe, including Zürich, Basel, Luzern, Darmstadt, Munich and Heidelberg, among others.

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