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NTT bundles in FogHorn’s edge AI software to round out industrial IoT offer

Japanese telecoms giant NTT is working with California-based industrial IoT software developer Foghorn to deliver edge-based machine intelligence to industrial clients.

NTT-subsidiary NTT Data, offering systems-integration and IoT consultancy services, has selected Foghorn’s Lightning software for its on-premise analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, which are being offered to the manufacturing, telecoms and energy industries.

The pair said the deal will see NTT Data in position to offer an “end-to-end, turn-key approach” to digital transformation.

Kazumasa Taninaka, head of NTT Data’s AI and IoT division, said: “Combining FogHorn’s edge expertise with NTT Data’s business know-how, data analysis technology and cloud platform creates the opportunity to improve the efficiency and sophistication of manufacturing processes, machine maintenance and customer service.”

Yuta Endo, vice president and general manager for Asia Pacific at FogHorn, commented: “NTT Data is a pioneer in helping industrial organisations successfully deploy a broad range of digital transformation initiatives. Selecting FogHorn for edge AI is a natural extension of their robust solution portfolio to help companies streamline real-time data analysis on premise and execute AI solutions to maximise business outcomes.”

NTT Data has been focused on the telecoms space, alongside industry. At the end of last year, it unveiled a satellite-enabled 3D digital mapping package, called AW3D for 5G, for telecoms operators and vendors to plan new 5G wireless networks.

It has also struck a new deal with the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Power Grid to deploy AI for visual/sound analysis to detect and diagnose abnormalities in distribution substation equipment. It starts deployment at 1,300 distribution substations from next month, and expects to reduce time on inspection patrols by more than 50 per cent, it said.

Its AI solution will “learn substation operational data” to detect abnormalities such as oil leaks in oil-immersed transformers and damage to substation facilities, including even barrier fences, and to read analog meters. Sound-detecting AI will detect abnormalities such as damaged or worn bearings.

Last May, NTT and Dell announced they had expanded a collaboration agreement to include smart city initiatives, with the City of Las Vegas the first on their tour programme.

Kas Vegas said at the end of last year it will start trials of smart city solutions with NTT in the first quarter of 2019, with the aim of full-scale service beginning in summer 2019. Las Vegas, the state of Nevada and NTT will also “explore opportunities to partner on a new briefing centre” in downtown Las Vegas, focused on connected communities.

NTT Data has revenues of $19, and operates in 50 markets.

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