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Allot sees growing business opportunities in the US for its IoT solution


The Israeli company recently inked a deal to provide its IoT solution to a Tier 1 U.S. network operator


Network intelligence and security provider Allot is seeing business opportunities in the U.S. market for its IoT solution, Ran Fridman, executive VP of worldwide sales at Allot, told Enterprise IoT Insights.

“We are very excited to be expanding our footprint in the United States, especially with the deployment of our IoT solution. Currently, we see several opportunities for network-based security products in the U.S. market in multiple dimensions. These include the expansion of our IoT solution into different segments, like public safety, and opportunities around other Allot solutions like [security solutions] HomeSecure and NetworkSecure,” Fridman said.

Last month, Allot announced that a Tier 1 U.S. network operator chose its IoTSecure solution to protect IoT devices on the operator’s network.

Under the contract, Allot will deliver the IoT security solution on an Openstack-based NFV network and will prevent internet-based attacks on enterprise IoT services, as well as monitor and control the behavior of IoT devices including cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, industrial tablets and corporate smartphones.

Allot said that the IoT solution will also provide the operator with network visibility, allow easier troubleshooting and planning and limit increased traffic and overage charges, especially among their large enterprise customers.

“IoTSecure is a multi-tenant solution that protects mobile IoT devices from online threats as well as the CSP infrastructure from IoT-based attacks. In addition, the solution enables CSPs and their customers to increase operational efficiency by offering tailored IoT analytics. The solution enables CSPs to offer IoT security and analytics services to Enterprise customers, and in doing so increase IoT monetization by 10 to 15%,” Fridman added.

“The IoT market is forming up as we speak,” he said. “Today, operators are mainly concerned about scaling their IoT activities, which is rarely profitable. As a result, they are looking into different monetization opportunities. Since, security is a classic upsell, we have productive dialogues on this subject with many operators.”

Fridman also said that IoTSecure is an integral element of AllotSecure, Allot’s security focused solution suite.

“This suite merges network-based, gateway and client security into a unified service featuring a seamless customer experience for event handling, policy setting, and reporting, as well as unified CSP management,” Fridman said.

He added that AllotSecure is the primary strategic driver for the company, having already contributed to a significant portion of Allot’s revenues through key deals with telecom groups Telefonica and Vodafone.

Fridman also highlighted that the company’s global sales team is currently leveraging opportunities across Latin America, Asia Pacific and EMEA, especially across developed countries that are already looking towards 5G.

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