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Digi launches first in new line of ruggedised edge routers for smart cities and utilities

Digi International has released a ruggedised LTE edge computing router for smart cities and utilities.

The Digi IX14 is designed for low-cost, low-bandwidth single-asset applications, its maker said. It contains an LTE modem with 3G fallback for North America; a version for Europe, with 3G/2G fallback is scheduled.

The unit has been “physically hardened” to withstand extreme environmental conditions with MIL-STD-810G certification for shock, vibration and temperature, and an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.

Advanced scripting and customisable business logic, via Python 3.6, bring edge functionality, so operations can be executed at device level.

The unit comes with a one-year subscription to Digi’s Remote Manager device management platform – “to address the needs of critical infrastructure, industrial, retail and digital signage markets”, it said.

Digi Remote Manager allows users to remotely monitor, update and manage Digi routers over LTE networks. The IX14 also comes with Bluetooth, Ethernet and serial ports, and dual SIM slots.

Scott Nelson, vice president for products at Digi International, said the IX14 provides “outstanding connectivity” and “in-depth device and network understanding” to improve operational efficiencies and security.

He suggested it would be well suited to enterprises in the media, utilities, and financial services sectors, and cited wide-area connectivity and management of assets such as outdoor signage boards, SCADA sites, and ATMs in each.

“The next generation of industrial connectivity is not just about hardware, but also provides insights into operational efficiency and security,” he said.

It is the first product to be released as part of Digi International’s new IX router series for industrial usage. Its new EX and TX products are for enterprise and transportation applications, respectively.

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