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German software giants cooperate to launch open smart city platform


SAP and Software AG said they have developed the new smart city platform in compliance with the standards of the EU’s open urban platform initiative


German software companies SAP and Software AG announced a cooperation agreement for the development of an open smart city platform.

The two firms said that the platform will enable cities, communities and administrative districts to implement their own smart city and smart country projects. The new smart city platform has been developed in compliance with the standards of the European Union’s Open Urban Platform initiative.

The platform includes internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence components. It integrates existing data silos and is open to the solutions of other providers, from municipal enterprises and IT services providers to smart city start-ups, the two companies said.

“Together with SAP, we will develop a future-oriented digital platform for communities in Germany,” said Werner Rieche, regional president for the DACH Countries at Software AG. “The platform will enable cities, communities and municipal enterprises to confidently design their own networked administration and new intelligent services on a collaborative basis.”

“Smart countries and cities can only be achieved with the aid of a smart and open platform,” said Susanne Diehm, head of public services and healthcare and a member of the management board at SAP. “The shared use of our platform will ensure a high degree of data control and cost efficiency for all members of the municipal family.”

SAP and Software AG recently presented a joint showcase project in which a winter service vehicle delivered a range of relevant salting and gritting data to the cloud via sensors in real time, with the data then available for further processing on the SAP HANA platform. Software AG contributes various IoT services; for example, for equipment management, the onboarding of sensors and the transfer of data to the platform.

Xingtera launches smart city platform using Qualcomm technology

In related news, Californian firm Xingtera has launched a smart city platform enabled by technology from Qualcomm Technologies.

The platform, dubbed “Xingtrium”, includes smart street lighting, smart traffic management, smart public safety and emergency systems, smart parking, smart transportation, smart EV charging, and smart power grid and utilities. Those verticals are integrated via a smart cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, the company said.

“Xingtera, a company dedicated to the smart city platform, will leverage its technical expertise and vertical experience to drive the IoT ecosystem by utilizing the superior performance and rapid deployment of Qualcomm Technologies-enabled solutions,” said Yuqing Niu, Xingtera CEO.


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