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Itron to deploy IoT solution for water utility in Texas


Through a deal with the city of Waco, the local utility will install 45,000 modules and 12,000 leak sensors


Itron has signed a contract with the city of Waco, Texas to install Itron’s OpenWay Riva IoT solution, including smart water communication modules and leak sensors.

Itron said that the main aim of the deployment is to reduce water loss and improve water delivery for the utility’s nearly 45,000 customers.

The city utility will also implement Itron Analytics, a software-as-a-service offering that collects and analyzes data within the distribution network to improve operational awareness.

To upgrade its water metering infrastructure and improve operational efficiency, the city of Waco will deploy 45,000 communication modules and 12,000 leak sensors. The utility will also improve efficiency and reduce water loss by gaining access to detailed consumption data and insights that will enable utility personnel to pinpoint and address problems quickly, Itron said. Through the use of Itron Analytics, the utility will also be able to prevent theft and improve leak detection. The IoT-based solution will also enhance customer service with more accurate bills and tools to proactively investigate and resolve billing complaints, according to Itron.

“By upgrading our water meters and leveraging Itron endpoints and leak sensors, we will improve our operations and most importantly, better serve our customers,” said Jonathan Echols, public relations coordinator for the city of Waco. “With Itron’s network infrastructure, we will also be equipped to reduce water loss by proactively identifying and fixing leaks in our distribution system with Itron’s automated leak detection solution.”

“With our OpenWay Riva IoT solution, leak detection and analytics, the city of Waco will be equipped to obtain hourly information about their water distribution system to conserve water and better serve its customers,” said Sharelynn Moore, senior vice president of networked solutions at Itron. “As one of the largest deployments of our newest OpenWay Riva solution for water, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to conservation, operational efficiency and leveraging the power of data for water utilities.”

In June, Itron launched an ultrasonic water metering solution for North American markets.The ultrasonic solution utilizes edge intelligence to track flow usage patterns at the meter level and offers Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and additional water management capabilities through Itron’s OpenWay Riva and Gen5 networks.


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