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WNDUK installs 1,000 base stations in the UK for IoT services


WNDUK, in partnership with French IoT specialist Sigfox, aims to reach 2,000 base stations in the coming months


U.K. firm WNDUK has installed 1,000 base station for the provision of its IoT service in partnership with French IoT provider Sigfox.

The U.K firm said that this infrastructure currently covers nearly 80 million people across the country.

WNDUK is Sigfox’s sole network operator in the U.K, enabling deployment of IoT connectivity across the country, including the main population centers and key logistics hubs.

“Our exclusive partnership with Sigfox underpins a significant boost in the quality and breadth of LPWAN IoT coverage across the UK,” said Tim Harris, CEO of WNDUK.

“Our network has grown at an unprecedented rate since March. We will continue to enhance coverage and complete the network rollout in the coming months, with 2,000 base stations reaching 95% of the nation’s population,” he added.

WNDUK is also working with Digital Catapult in a number of advanced digital technologies projects. Joint projects include the deployment of over 100 Sigfox base stations in London, along the South Coast, in the North East of England and Northern Ireland.

WNDUK said that its network enables IoT applications across all sectors, including utilities, asset tracking, agriculture, facilities management, building automation and logistics & supply chain management.

“This is an important milestone, achieved in a remarkably short timescale, and a significant addition to Sigfox’s rapidly growing global LPWAN IoT coverage footprint” says Kevin Maher, Sigfox country director for the U.K. & Ireland.

Globally, Sigfox’s network currently covers 51 countries and 1 billion people.

For 2019, Sigfox aims to cover 70 countries with particular focus in China, Russia and India, Franck Siegel, Sigfox’s chief coordination and delivery officer, recently told Enterprise IoT Insights.

Commenting on particular areas of investment for the company, Siegel said that Sigfox is currently investing in multiple areas such as base stations, smaller and cheaper modules, tracking and geo-localization, data processing and cloud.


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