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Google, LG Electronics ink agreement to target smart city projects


Google will apply IoT, big data and AI to the targeted smart city initiatives


Google has signed an agreement with South Korean firm LG Electronics to focus on the development of smart cities powered by the internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence, Korean press reported.

Under the partnership, which was unveiled at Google Cloud Summit in Seoul, Google and LG Electronics will work with property development firms and apply IoT, big data, and AI technologies to develop smart city projects.

The two partners did not reveal the exact location and timetable for the smart city development.

“Since the project is still in the early stages, details like location and scale have not yet been decided,” said Rhee In-jong, executive vice present of Google’s cloud IoT unit, in a keynote speech during the Google Cloud Summit conference in Seoul.

However, Google and LG Electronics had previously expressed interest in investing in the G-City project that involves establishing a 278,000 square meter smart business complex in Cheongna, Incheon, by 2026.

Google highlighted that the company will work with other partners such as real estate developers and investment firms to carry out its smart home and smart town projects.

“We will partner up with more companies, including real estate developers and investors, to build smart homes and smart towns,” the Google executive added. The two partners will target smart city projects consisting of housing clusters, commercial towns, offices, businesses complexes and hotels.

Under the terms of the agreement, LG would develop devices compatible with IoT, while Google would offer back-end technology capabilities, including AI, cloud and machine learning required for storing and processing data gathered via connected objects. Some of the planned solutions for smart cities would be able to monitor air quality, temperature and lighting levels.

Google and LG Electronics have been previously collaborated in various sectors, including projects for TVs and smartphones.

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