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Verizon inks smart city initiative in Washington state


Verizon will work with Urbanova to deploy smart city solutions in the city of Spokane


Verizon and Urbanova, in collaboration with the city of Spokane, Washington, have inked a partnership for the development of smart city solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, the partners will initially focus on smart community solutions that directly impact public safety, traffic congestion and parking within Spokane’s University District.

Verizon will work with Urbanova partners such as the city, Itron, Avista and Washington State University (WSU) to deploy its smart communities solutions for ongoing projects, including connected streetlights, grid resiliency and air quality research, along with new initiatives to be developed together with Urbanova. Other future initiatives will target smart parking and smart safety solutions, Verizon said.

“We’re excited to welcome Verizon as a partner with Urbanova in Spokane,” said Spokane Mayor David Condon. “Verizon already knows our community as one of our major network service providers. Now, they will share their expertise around new technology applications and data delivery as our community seeks out advanced ways to serve Spokane’s citizens into the future. This is another important step forward as we seek solutions that lead to healthier citizens, safer neighborhoods, smarter infrastructure, and a more sustainable environment.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Urbanova and the City of Spokane to bring technology advancements that will help to improve the lives of citizens today and set the city up to lead for tomorrow,” said Mrinalini Ingram, VP of smart communities at Verizon. “It’s not just about smart technology, connectivity or applications; it starts with a focus on the people. We’re looking forward to working hand in hand to understand the needs of the community and together, develop solutions that bolster the economy and improve the lives of the people that live and work in the area.”

Verizon has deployed smart community solutions in over 60 communities, including implementations in Sacramento, Boston and Washington D.C.

Earlier this year, Verizon negotiated a tentative deal with the mayor of San Jose, California that will enable the carrier to deploy new network infrastructure while furthering San Jose’s smart city goals, from smart parking to traffic management.

The deal included deployment of fiber and attaching small cells to city-owned light poles, and Verizon will provide San Jose with three smart city solutions around intersection safety, traffic data and parking space management that are “designed to provide the city with data to both improve motorist and pedestrian safety, and better manage and monitor parking,” the carrier said. Verizon also will contribute to San Jose’s Digital Inclusion Fund that provides resources to expand internet access in the city, and fund the connecting of San Jose’s municipal vehicle fleet to Verizon Connect services.

The infrastructure deployment in San Jose will boost Verizon’s current LTE services while laying the groundwork for future 5G deployments.

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