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Eurotech intros IIoT architecture with Red Hat, trackside data with Vertigo supercar

Italian industrial internet-of-things (IoT) solutions provider Eurotech has introduced a new open, modular, multi-cloud IoT architecture. The solutions was developed with US software companies Cloudera and Red Hat. Separately, it has brought data analytics track-side with Belgian manufacturer Gillet, maker of the Vertigo race car.

The architecture, combining operational technology (OT), information technology (IT), data analytics, and application integration, has been built on open source projects from the Eclipse Foundation and Apache Foundation.

It boasts built-in security features to enable scalable and secure device management and analytics, from the edge to the cloud, according to its authors.

“By bridging OT and IT, this open source-based architecture can help address the main aspects of managing an IoT infrastructure including connectivity, configuration, and embedded application life cycle,” said Eurotech.

“The architecture can also aggregate real-time data streams from the edge, archive them, or route them towards enterprise IT systems and analytics.”

Meanwhile, Eurotech said it is providing Belgian automotive manufacturer Gillet with a cloud-based IoT solution, including data analytics, to provide real-time data on its Vertigo super car.

The Vertigo is powered by a four-cylinder, 2.0-litre VW TFSI engine, capable of producing up to 380 bhp. It features over 40 sensors to measure aspects of the car’s performance and environment, including engine temperature, brake fluid levels and suspension performance.

Previously, conventional engine diagnostic systems would have taken place offline or via a network of wires, requiring time and effort. Eurotech worked with consulting firm Delaware to deliver a cloud data processing and analytics solution, based on SAP’s Leonardo platform and Eurotech’s ReliaGATE 10-11 IoT edge gateway.

Performance has improved at all levels of the race team, said Eurotech. The ReliaGATE 10-11 directly interacts with the controller area network (CAN bus) and sends data into the cloud in real-time.

Andrew Henderson, technical sales manager at Eurotech, said: “Right from day one when we were first introduced to this exciting project we knew that Eurotech’s edge gateway solutions would be able to capture all the data that the team at Gillet required in real-time.”

Belgian race car driver Vanina Ickx said: “It is very important to be connected in the best possible way. We have to get out all the information from the car, including the suspension, the engine and the brakes. Being able to read that in real-time is very important and gives the team a great advantage.”

Ickx completed the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race, or The Race to the Clouds, in Colorado, in the US, in June using the Vertigo sportscar and the Eurotech solution.

Eurotech appeared on a leaderboard of IIoT platform providers in July by consulting firm Quadrant, behind only the likes of PTC and IBM.

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