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Kerlink wins contract for IoT Scotland project

Under the contract, the French IoT specialist will install up to 500 gateways across Scotland


French internet of things specialist Kerlink has been selected as the provider of hardware and software for IoT Scotland, which is a nationwide, low-power, wide-area network.

Under the project, Kerlink will deliver up to 500 of its Wirnet iBTS gateways to project leader Boston Networks over the next three years, along with its Wanesy Management Center solution for remote real-time management of the gateways and overall network. The project will also incorporate Kerlink’s Wanesy Geolocation technology, which allows precise location of end-devices without GPS.

Boston Networks had announced the €6.75 million ($7.9 million) IoT Scotland project in August 2018. At the time of the launch, Boston Networks highlighted that the wireless sensor network would allow businesses and public-sector organizations to monitor the productivity and efficiency of assets and equipment without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

The network will utilize LoRaWAN technology, in which arrays of gateways convert radio signals from IoT devices into data packets, and relay them to a central network server.

The IoT Scotland project will enable diverse uses of the IoT, from tracking of municipal infrastructure like waste bins and street lights to smart building technology that can reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints, Kerlink said. IoT Scotland will be available in cities, towns and rural areas, providing IoT connectivity for consumers, agriculture, transportation, government and other sectors.

“Kerlink’s combination of reliable technical capabilities and experience in building out carrier-grade IoT networks in diverse locales makes them a very attractive partner,” said Falk Bleyl, chief technology officer, Boston Networks. “Key factors included Kerlink’s proposed gateway management solution and its location-based services, which will help IoT Scotland open up commercialization opportunities for users ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Availability of a robust and secure network will allow them to focus on deployment of sensors and applications with advanced functions.”

“IoT Scotland will represent the most advanced IoT network in the UK and is an excellent example of how public and private groups can unite to create new opportunities and services with wide benefits,” said Yann Bauduin, Kerlink Infrastructure Services’ EMEA director of sales. “Working with Boston Networks on this nationwide deployment expands Kerlink’s international footprint and underscores the reliability and flexibility of our comprehensive LoRAWAN solutions.”

Kerlink said it has already installed over 100,000 gateways and other products for more than 330 clients in 69 countries.


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