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Samsung to recruit 1,000 data scientists for New York AI research hub

Samsung said it aims to employ about 1,000 specialists globally in the AI field


Samsung announced plans to open a new artificial intelligence research centre in New York City, with the aim of strengthening the company’s AI capabilities.

The South Korean firm said the new AI center, which will be located in Chelsea, will be led by Daniel D. Lee, EVP of Samsung Research.

“What we need now is to focus on creating new values that make people’s lives easier and more convenient by harnessing the power of AI in Samsung’s products and services,” said Justin Hume, director of integrated mobility at Samsung South Africa. “To do this, our global AI Centres, including the New York AI Centre, must play a pivotal role.”

Samsung has announced plans to expand its advanced AI research capabilities to employ about 1,000 specialists by 2020. This will be Samsung’s sixth AI centre around the world, and it will work in partnership with Samsung’s other AI research facilities. The additional AI centres are in South Korea, the U.K., Canada, Russia, and Silicon Valley in the U.S.

“We are excited to open a new Samsung AI centre in New York, which will specialize in robotics research,” said Hume. “New York is one of the world’s great cities, and with this new facility we will be able to leverage the tremendous talent in the area. We also look forward to collaborating with top universities and academic centres in the region.”

“The field of AI has made revolutionary progress by finally embracing neural networks,” Hume added. “This is just the beginning of a new era of innovation in AI, and Samsung is proud to be part of this exciting quest.”

Samsung Electronics aims to become a leader in the field of artificial intelligence by focusing on human-centric communication that will help devices understand users’ emotions better, the Korea Herald reported.

“Samsung’s devices will ceaselessly communicate with users and learn from them through the screen, voice, vision and tactile features,” said Maja Pantic, who is affiliated with a U.K.-based AI center for Samsung.

“Samsung has an interesting set of AI technologies, especially the computer vision and audio technologies,” she said. “And it makes significant investments in the technologies to do better. Samsung could be the best in user-centric design of AI by interacting with users through devices.”

The Cambridge center’s research focus is on emotion recognition technologies and embedded AI that works without cloud, with a goal of engaging AI in human-like communication. Samsung had opened its AI center in Cambridge in May this year.


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