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Hong Kong launches automated warehouse service


The new facility features autonomous mobile robot technology, smart warehousing system and facial recognition


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and RV Automation have launched what they claim is Hong Kong’s first fully automated and unmanned warehouse service at Hong Kong Science Park.

A new initiative of HKSTP’s Robotics Platform, the RobEx Centre will offer express courier and self-serviced storage to all Hong Kong customers.

The new facility features autonomous mobile robot technology, smart warehousing system and facial recognition.

The RobEx Centre has the ability to operate 24/7 as well as reduce the need for human labour. The smart warehousing system calculates and maximizes the use of space within the venue and uses facial recognition technology for enhanced security.

“This first-of-its-kind facility is the culmination of work led by HKSTP, RV Automation and many technology and business partners. It is a living showcase of how we can embrace innovation and technology in the logistics industry, a key pillar of Hong Kong’s economy. Science Park, as a Government-designated smart region, is the venue where innovative solutions will be piloted. We hope to showcase even more cutting-edge solutions that will drive Hong Kong closer to becoming a smart city,” said Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP.

“We hope to bring a whole new 24/7 user experience for consumers as well as bring multiple benefits for warehouse operators with potentially new revenue streams in warehousing services,” said Rio Chau, CEO at RV Automation.  “For real estate developers, this smart system improves utilization of space and per-square-feet yields.”

Through the automatic warehouse solution, the storage racks with lockers will be picked up by the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to and from the front station automatically when users need to pick up or place their goods in the lockers. Users access the system either through a smartphone app or the control panel installed at the front station.

Before opening to the public, industry trials will be conducted in the RobEx Centre in September to collect operational data.

Hong Kong moves forwards with smart lamp posts contract


ST Engineering Electronics will extend its smart street lighting solution for Hong Kong, as it has won a contract to conduct a proof-of-concept trial to deploy multi-purpose lamp posts.

Under the terms of the deal, the firm will install multi-purpose lamp posts in Kowloon East, which is Hong Kong’s smart city pilot area. The multi-purpose lamp posts will be interconnected with a telecommunication network to form an internet of things (IoT) backbone, the company said.

The technology will allow real-time collection of city data including weather, air quality, temperature, and traffic flow through IoT sensors fixed on the lamp posts. Data collected will be utilized for the city management and the support of various applications of smart city initiatives.

The new infrastructure will also provide services such as Wi-Fi hotspots, electric vehicle charging facility, information dashboard for maps and directions, real-time traffic updates, and car parking space vacancy information to residents.

“This POC trial is Hong Kong’s first step towards enabling smart city applications by leveraging street lighting infrastructure to support the deployment of a robust and resilient wireless sensor network,” ST Engineering Electronics said in an announcement.

The trial, which started in June, will continue until December 2019.



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