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Verizon adds voice to Cat M IoT network

IoT network gets upgrade to support voice

Verizon’s nationwide Cat M IoT network now supports voice communications, according to the carrier, which painted the enhancement as expanding the addressable IoT use cases it can support. In the next month, Verizon will add Connected Mode Mobility, which allows fixed or mobile voice service, as well as reduces power consumption and extends battery life, according to the carrier.

Vice President of Network Planning Bill Stone said the new flexibility eschews a “one-size-fits-all network for IoT solutions.We are committed to collaborating with companies like Ericsson and Nokia to continue to develop the IoT ecosystem and ensure customers are able to get the network access and support that best suits their needs.”

IoT network applications are generally associated with sensors and other connected objects handling data transmission, but voice also has a place in the IoT world. Verizon called out alarm panels with two-way communication components but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For consumers, think about your Amazon Echo—”Hey, Alexa, what’s the temperature outside?” This voice interface with a device has seen widespread adoption. There are also enterprise and industrial applications of voice for the IoT.

California-based Sensory, for instance, has developed the TrulySecure authentication technology, which can be added to mobile phones, tables or other pieces of hardware. The user can gain handsfree access to a device through voice and facial recognition.

In terms of IoT network data plans, Verizon has a number of options starting at $2 per device per month with a 200 kilobyte data allowance. In terms of chip and module certification, Verizon has worked with Sequans, Telit, U-Blox, Gemalto, Qualcomm and several other major players.



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