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Total, Sigfox launch solution to manage trailer fleets


The IoT-based fleet management solution was initially launched in France and will also be available in other European countries in the future


French oil firm Total has joined forces with compatriot IoT specialist Sigfox to deploy a solution designed to optimize rolling stock and help manage trailer fleets.

The solution, dubbed ‘Where’s My Trailer?’ is aimed at improving how trailer fleets are used and kept secure, the two companies said.

The solution works by installing a box on the trailer, enabling transporters to identify equipment that is underused or has been lost or stolen.

The solution was developed by Total Marketing France through its affiliate Stela and has been tested for the past year by the company’s transporter customers.

“Sigfox technology, together with our familiarity with freight and logistics activities, has given us the opportunity to offer a reliable and efficient way of geolocalizing rolling stock throughout Europe,” said Benoît Luc, Total’s SVP for marketing and services in Europe. “It’s a first step that is driving us forward in our broader ambition to take greater advantage of the internet of things for the benefit of our transporter customers.”

“We’re delighted with how the Total project has developed,” said Patrick Cason, managing director of Sigfox France. “Total’s size has in no way hindered our progress; in fact, quite the opposite. We have seen how its full force can really serve innovation. Total listens to its customers, thinks about their user experience and is committed to providing innovative services.”

Sigfox highlighted that the boxes are self-powered and easy to install on the trailer. They communicate using technology developed by Sigfox, with which Total has formed a global partnership, via a low bandwidth connection network.

The “Where’s My Trailer?” solution localizes stationary trailers and allows users to set up notifications. Messages are displayed on the secure customer portal, which can be accessed from the websites stela.fr and as24.com, and are compatible with all digital devices, the two companies said.

Maps and dashboards provide information on:

-Trailers and logs of inactive periods.

-Tractor-trailer pairing: drop-and-hook detection.

-Maintenance: vehicle safety inspection and repairs.

-Unauthorized movement during time periods that can be configured by the customer

The two companies said that the solution is already commercially available in France and that it will be also launched in other European countries in the future.

Sigfox  previously launched a new solution for tracking sea-freight containers with tire manufacturer Michelin and Argon Consulting. Michelin, which has participated in the development for 12 months, has already implemented the solution on Sigfox’s network.

At a global level, Sigfox’s connectivity serves around 803 million people, covering 3.8 million square kilometers. Sigfox is targeting a reach of 60 countries and one billion people by the end of this year.

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