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The top 10 smart street lighting vendors

LEDs are lighting up smart cities across the world, and staring to porvide a platform for even smarter sensors and technologies.

Street lighting is now the default entry point for smart technologies into city environments. Navigant Research has evaluated 14 vendors in the street lighting market, based on 10 criteria, and ranked them accordingly in a new report and leaderboard.

As well product-related aspects, such as strategy, features, and integration, its review covers their overall vision, market reach, sales and marketing, and partners and distribution. The 14 contenders are the only ones in the market with capacity to manage large-scale civic deployments, it says.

It rates three at the top off the leaderboard, as ‘leaders’: Signify, based in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands (formerly Philips Lighting); Itron, based in Washington state (which purchased Silver Spring Networks in January); and Telensa, based in Atlanta.

“These vendors have deployed large-scale connected street lighting projects in multiple world regions and are recognising the importance of smart street lighting to the broader smart cities market,” it says in a statement.

Navigant Research rates a “solid group” of ‘contenders’ closely behind, led by Echelon, Rongwen, and GE’s lighting business Current. These are developing innovative technology solutions and leading significant city deployments, it says.

“The next phase of smart street lighting development includes rapidly increasing deployments of controls technology and the utilisation of street lighting as a broader platform for smart city innovations,” the report notes.

Here are the top 10, with the expanded leaderboard, charting their progress against execution and strategy measures, is below.

1. Signify
2. Itron
3. Telensa
4. Echelon Corp.
5. Rongwen
6. Current, powered by GE
7. DimOnOff
8. Flashnet
9. Sensus
10. gridComm


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