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Amdocs says IoT has become a new revenue growth business for the company

Amdocs is partnering with digital service providers to offer a connected device combined with IoT value added services to both business customers and consumers


Amdocs considers the internet of things (IoT) segment to be a new revenue-growth business for the company, Shahar Yaacobi, product marketing lead for IoT at Amdocs, told Enterprise IoT Insights.

“IoT is growing fast across all vertical domains and it’s disrupting traditional business models. Amdocs is partnering with digital service providers to offer a connected device combined with IoT value-added services to both business customers and consumers. Amdocs is committed to helping all players in the ecosystem to monetize the IoT opportunity while ensuring a seamless, digital service experience,” Yaacobi said.

The company offers a number of offerings around the IoT space. The Amdocs Connected Home is smart home solution for consumers and small-to-medium busiensses which is offered in 9 countries with over 40,000 customers, the executive said.

“Amdocs Connected Home is a SaaS platform running on AWS in [Central America/Latin America] and EMEA in partnership with the leading security hardware provider Tyco and its services arm, ADT. Amdocs Connected Home offers a unique software cloud innovation and can be integrated with existing BSS, CRM and OSS systems. It enables delivery of multiple plays bundles through its unique end-to end service lifecycle management,” he added.

Also, Amdocs’ IoT Communication Management Platform (IoT accelerator pack) aims to allow CSPs to introduce an additional Line of Business (IoT) on top of existing, stable, production-proven assets. At the same time, users will be empowered through the availability of tools that allow self-administration and management of devices and plans through the Amdocs portal.

“Amdocs’ IoT Communication Management Platform maximizes value based on the use of existing CSP assets such as the charging and billing systems. However, besides operational value, the use of the existing backend in our platform provides a number of other benefits – for example, the ability to manage hybrid customers, such as IoT/mobility, B2B/IoT/B2C relations and more,” Yaacobi added.

The executive also highlighted that the Amdocs solution is future ready to support domestic management of narrow band IoT devices.

He said that the Vodafone Group Enterprise IoT unit is using Amdocs’ offering for monetizing its business with the various IoT partners and enterprise customers. It serves over 300 IoT enterprises in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, transport & logistics and utility sectors.

“AT&T is using our offering for monetizing its wholesale and consumer IoT. Our offering spans settlements, AR, invoicing, and enterprise level rating. It leverages our SLA-based managed services for billing, as well as our managed BPO for Onboarding of IoT customers, tariff set-up and changes, and bill QA,” the executive said. It serves over 40 IoT enterprises from the following industries: smart city, connected car, government, wearables, and fleet management.

Amdocs is also focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) as a new offering for digital services providers.

“Amdocs believes AI could be a winning tactic for digital service providers as long as they sync up their AI strategy with what customers actually want. However, service providers do not believe they will be able to achieve this on their own and come to existing vendors like Amdocs and not to native AI solution providers, to ensure AI is fully integrated in all their existing operations and is not just another technology silo that builds cost but is hard to manage,” Yaacobi said. “We are seeing AI becoming deeply integrated with a digital service provider’s core information systems such as CRM, order management and catalog. Amdocs’s AI related products like aia, its industry specific digital intelligence platform, and Amdocs SmartBot, gives digital service providers a 360-degree view of the customer and the context of the interaction, which enables them to provide their customers with an end-to-end digital experience. This allows them to improve care-to-commerce revenue opportunities by making more relevant predictive care and promotional offers to customers.”

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