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Senet claims LoRaWAN in 80 markets, invites towercos to join its LPWA market

US IoT company Senet has expanded its LoRaWAN capabilities to over 80 markets. It has also introduced a raft of server enhancements for its LoRaWAN platform, to simplify the deployment, management and monetisation of LoRaWAN-based low-power wide-area (LPWA) networks and applications.

Senet claimed it now has “connectivity readiness” in over 80 countries (see image, below), with new channel plans in the US, Latin America, Europe and Australia.

The company claims to have achieved a global LoRaWAN network by incentivising LoRaWAN connectivity through its LPWA virtual network (LVN) ‘marketplace’, which enables network operators, technology providers, and system integrators to connect and structure revenue sharing arrangement between then, based on their relative contributions.

The company has also opened up its IoT market to enable companies with physical assets such as towers, rooftops, billboards, light poles and municipality-owned locations to join tits LVN as RAN providers by deploying LoRaWAN gateways.

“Companies cannot afford to defer their IoT investment until 5G arrives or delay business growth opportunities based on the promise of NB-IoT or LTE Category M1 coverage at a future date to be determined,” said Bruce Chatterley, chief executive at Senet.

“With these new platform enhancements and our partner-centric engagement models, we’ve effectively broken the mould for reliable, secure and cost-effective IoT connectivity and application deployment at massive scale.”

New platform features for network operators include customer onboarding and service provisioning to streamline the implementation of multi-tenant services, gateway provisioning and application monitoring for enhanced quality-of-service, and advanced network planning, including mapping service addresses related to device and gateway locations to improve service delivery.

New features for RAN providers include a dedicated portal with access to a full suite of management and deployment capabilities, gateway usage statistics for accounting and capacity planning, and advanced network planning, as with the operator features.

New application provider features include enhanced network usage and management views, support for application monitoring, troubleshooting and service alerts, and customised interfaces and improved geolocation services.

Senet is a founding member of the LoRa Alliance.

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