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Bosch launches new AI research lab in Pittsburgh

The new AI facility will focus on advanced research in artificial intelligence technologies


Bosch has officially launched its Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) research lab in Pittsburgh.

The new facility, which will be the BCAI’s fourth location, will conduct advanced research in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The new opening is part of the German firm’s strategy to partner with leading institutions around the world to jointly accelerate AI research. Bosch said it plans to build a team of up to 20 experts in the AI field at Bosch’s Pittsburgh Technology Center by the end of 2019.

In addition, Bosch will provide more than $8 million to sponsor research at Carnegie Mellon University through 2023.

Bosch also highlighted that CMU’s Professor Zico Kolter will be joining Bosch as chief scientist in AI. Kolter, an assistant professor at CMU’s School of Computer Science (SCS), will direct the research projects at CMU, in addition to contributing to Bosch’s global R&D efforts as a principal member of the BCAI.

Kolter has been working to develop methods to make machine learning more robust, interpretable and modular. He also has worked on applications for smart energy and sustainability solutions.

“We’re excited to establish BCAI Research in Pittsburgh with Zico Kolter as part of the long-term collaboration between CMU and Bosch,” said Christoph Peylo, global head of BCAI. “CMU, with its tradition as one of the leading institutions in AI research, is an important pillar in BCAI’s mission to develop safe, robust and secure AI for Bosch products and services.”

Bosch also said that the collaboration with CMU will create new opportunities to further AI technology that contributes to advances in Bosch’s four business sectors – mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology, and energy and building technology. Under this partnership, Bosch will expand its AI capabilities while simultaneously training the next generation of AI experts, the German firm said.

“We at Carnegie Mellon are excited to be working with Bosch to find new ways to use artificial intelligence to improve lives and to develop the next generation of AI scientists,” said Andrew Moore, dean of CMU’s School of Computer Science.

CMU has been focusing on AI research since the field emerged 60 years ago, mainly focusing on self-driving cars, facial recognition and natural language processing.

BCAI was founded in early 2017 to deploy AI technologies across Bosch products and services. BCAI’s locations around the globe include Renningen, Germany; Sunnyvale, California; and Bangalore, India.

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