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Huawei launches new double-capacity Release-14 NB-IoT solution

The Chinese vendor said the new product doubles the cell capacity of previous terminals

Huawei has launched what it claims to be the world’s first 3GPP Release 14-based commercial NB-IoT solution in eRAN13.1.

Huawei said that this new NB-IoT solution increases data rates by a factor of seven, offers double the cell capacity and coverage and introduces new improvements in location services.

As of May 2018, 45 commercial NB-IoT networks were deployed globally and more than 500,000 NB-IoT base stations have been established, the Chinese vendor said.

Huawei said that the uplink peak rate and downlink single-user peak rate of the new solution can reach 157 kbit/s and 102 kbit/s, respectively.

Also, the maximum number of users in a single cell can reach over 80,000, almost doubling the cell capacity of the previous release. NB-IoT terminals can deliver a positioning accuracy of 50 meters without the integration of GPS modules. Such terminals boast a power consumption and positioning delay that is only half of that provided by a GPS-based solution. GPS-free location services are ideally suited for applications such as asset tracking, logistics, and pet tracking, the vendor said.

“Global operators have reached a consensus that networks providing a full range of services will be developed over the next upcoming years. IoT will become the best practice for operators pursuing the development of vertical industries,” said Chen Chuanfei, VP of Huawei’s LTE product line. “The newly released 3GPP R14-based commercial NB-IoT solution can improve the performance of NB-IoT networks in data rates, cell capacity and cell coverage, expand the potential scope of application for NB-IoT through location services.”

Sierra Wireless launches new solution for industrial IoT

In related news, Sierra Wireless, a provider of integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the internet of things (IoT), has released alpha samples of its next-generation mangOH open source hardware platform.

The company said that it is inviting the IoT developer community to influence the final product.

MangOH Yellow is a sensor for connected IoT with all of the interoperable building blocks needed to rapidly develop and productize low-power Industrial IoT applications, Sierra Wireless said.

“Whether you’re developing IoT applications for a startup or a Fortune 500 company, mangOH gives you a head start to a minimum viable product, right out of the box,” said Ashish Syal, chief engineer and mangOH founder at Sierra Wireless. “Building on the success of mangOH Red and Green, we’re excited to release mangOH Yellow and give the IoT developer community the opportunity to influence the final product.”


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