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Canadian firm launches LoRaWAN wireless solutions for smart city, enterprise IoT apps

Eleven-x said the new solutions allow existing sensors to provide real-time data collection and monitoring


Eleven-x, a Canadian firm operating a nationwide public low-power network, has launched a new platform that offers interface units which enable wireless LoRaWAN connectivity for currently deployed but unconnected smart city and internet of things sensors and devices.

The company said that the new platform is designed to extend the capabilities of existing sensors and devices to provide real-time data collection and monitoring. The initial group of interface units includes the MIU-X, designed for use with water and gas meters, the TIU-X for tank fill-level monitoring, and the WIU-X to enable remote data collection from water level monitoring sensors.

The MIU-X converts currently unconnected meters into smart meters, facilitating the use of real-time data which enables streamlined operations by eliminating the need for manual or drive-by data collection and improves customer billing and overall experience. The TIU-X provides remote monitoring for a market that currently relies on more expensive satellite and cellular wireless technologies and eliminates the need for manual tank readings and costly emergency deliveries, the Canadian firm said. Meanwhile, the WIU-X facilitates wireless water level monitoring and data collection without having to replace currently installed dataloggers.

Eleven-x said that the new interface units are battery operated and last for more than ten years with almost zero maintenance. The interface units are part of the eleven-x LoRaWAN wireless interface connectivity platform.

“We’re excited to provide this key enabling product platform that provides an easy, cost effective solution to expand the capabilities of currently unconnected IoT sensors by transforming them into “smart” devices,” said Dan Mathers, president and CEO of eleven-x. “Utilizing our wireless interface units helps organizations avoid costly removal and replacement programs and disruptions to customer service, while still getting to enjoy the benefits of real-time data collection. This unlocks potential for improving workflows and reducing operational costs while providing better service levels.”

“The MIU-X device enables QMC to bring wireless connectivity to existing water meter assets that would otherwise need to be replaced and upgraded. The cost savings to the utility is substantial,” said James Easton, CEO of QMC, a Canadian firm which specializes in metering solutions. “The eleven-x meter interface units provide near real-time usage information which reduces the costs of collecting meter data and provides value add information such as leak detection and alarming, a win-win scenario for the utility and the customer,” Easton said.

“The added capabilities we get as a result of real-time collection of water levels from our water supply monitoring network has enabled us to make more informed decisions and helped us improve a key service we deliver to our community,” said Nancy Kodousek, director water services at Region of Waterloo. “By not having to incur the expense of replacing all of our sensors and providing the ability to get more timely data with lower operating expenses, this has resulted in real value to us.”

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