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Dutch government implements smart traffic project

Dutch authorities are working with the Talking Traffic Partnership to deploy a nationwide smart traffic initiae


The Dutch government has implemented a smart traffic project in association with the Talking Traffic Partnership.

The government said that over 1.2 million road users are now able to receive real-time information such as personal warnings of traffic jams, stationary traffic and sudden changes in local weather conditions.

“Working together with innovative companies, like we do with the Talking Traffic Partnership, is already resulting in apps and services that are truly beneficial to people in everyday traffic. The new, real-time information for traffic participants contributes to an improved flow of traffic and increased road safety,” said Infrastructure and Water Management Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen.

The government said that the smart traffic initiative will soon enable new services for road users including the current availability of rush-hour and add-on lanes. Dutch authorities have also highlighted that this real-time information contributes to an improved flow of traffic and traffic safety.

The Infrastructure and Water Management Ministry also said that intelligent traffic lights are also being installed in an increasing number of locations across the Netherlands.

These traffic lights can communicate with each other and with cars, resulting in an improvement in traffic flows. Some of these smart traffic lights are already operational and approximately 800 intelligent traffic lights will be put into use in the coming months. The Dutch government expects a total of 2,000 to 3,000 traffic lights to be converted into smart traffic lights within the next five years.

In December 2016, the Dutch government awarded Ericsson, Siemens, and Simacan, a Dutch specialist in real-time traffic data, with the task of creating an intelligent transport system (ITS). By mid-2017, the consortium had unveiled a nationwide cloud-based platform to collect and share data between infrastructure, vehicles and people. This platform usese both short- and long-range communication technologies to create a smart traffic ecosystem.

This consortium strengthens the Talking Traffic Partnership, an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure  to develop innovative applications in traffic in close cooperation with 60 regional and local authorities and national and international private companies.

These partners are working together to accelerate development and deployment with regard to retrieving and organising traffic light data (cluster 1), to process, and distribute a wide variety of data and convert this into real-time information (cluster 2) and to provide this information to a wide variety of road users (cluster 3) though  smartphones and in-car systems.



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