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Deutsche Telekom to expand presence in fleet management

DT will offer fleet management solutions from IoT provider Fleet Complete

Deutsche Telekom has announced a partnership with IoT solutions provider Fleet Complete to expand its presence in the fleet management space in the German market. Through this partnership. Deutsche Telekom will provide a complete portfolio of telematics solutions with cloud connectivity to manage vehicles, mobile assets and in-field workers in one integrated platform.

The operator highlighted that commercial fleets are an integral part of the German economy, accounting for more than 5 million commercial vehicles. With continuous growth in the industry, high-volume fleet operations require greater efficiencies and more advanced telematics technologies, Deutsche Telekom said.

Through the implementation of Fleet Complete’s portfolio of solutions, the German telco will be able to deliver high-speed mobile connectivity to an integrated end-to-end IoT solutions platform. It will cover fleets of all sizes, in any industry, and with any vehicle type, helping small-to-medium and large businesses improve operational efficiencies, increase safety, reduce total cost of ownership, the company said.

Fleet Complete solutions have been already deployed in North American, Australian and European markets, including Benelux, Austria, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Deutsche Telekom, as it represents a significant milestone for Fleet Complete in its European market penetration,” said Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. “The German market is brimming with opportunities in the commercial fleet sector and, by partnering with one of the best telecommunications networks in Europe, we will be able to address local market needs and bring the widest scope of solutions for connected commercial vehicles.”

“We are excited to work with Fleet Complete, who have tremendous experience selling with mobile carriers around the world,” said Dennis Nikles of Deutsche Telekom. “Our goal is to help our customers become even more successful in their business and, now, we’re able to offer a comprehensive fleet management platform that is as flexible as our customers’ needs. Supported by the network and infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom, our clients will be able to provide even better services to their own customer base.”

Deutsche Telekom has been very active in the IoT field through the deployment of a NB-IoT network. At the end of last year, Deutsche Telekom said its NB-IoT network was already available at approximately 300 locations across Germany including Berlin/Potsdam, Cologne/Bonn, the Ruhr basin, Mannheim/Heidelberg and Stuttgart.

Deutsche Telekom plans to complete the network’s country-wide build by the end of this year. The European operator had initially kicked off its NB-IoT deployment in Germany in June 2017.

Deutsche Telekom currently has over 200 customers in the NB-IoT segment, Claudia Nemat, board member for technology and innovation at Deutsche Telekom, told reporters during a press conference at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Deutsche Telekom said it provides support to these firms in many ways, in particular with development and test packs, SIM cards, NB-IoT connectivity and access to Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things platform, an IoT platform which enables users to access device data, to set threshold values, for example, for alarms, perform device updates and control machines remotely.


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