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Analyst Angle: Robotics at CES — not there yet

The year kicked off, as usual, with the big CES show in Las Vegas. Some of the hot trends on display this year were AI, IoT, and Robotics. And while overall, the progress shown at CES is quite impressive, it seems like most of the robotics examples shown at CES were misuses of the promising field of robotics. Part of the cause is peoples’ endless need to anthropomorphize our creations.

It is written that God created man in His image, but there is also a fairly strong case that it happened the other way around. Regardless of the direction, why is there such a strong, persistent desire to create replicates of ourselves, with heads, torso, arms, and legs — especially when that form appears to be irrelevant to performing the tasks of that given robot? Let’s contrast the Roomba, a well-known task-specific robot with iPal, a humanoid companion seen in this photo above from CES…
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