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Virginia moves towards intelligent traffic system

SteetLight Data is providing the Virginia Department of Transportation with on-demand traffic intelligence

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has selected San Francisco-based mobility analytics firm StreetLight Data to provide on-demand traffic and transportation intelligence.

Local, regional, and state planning agencies across Virginia utilize VDOT’s regional subscription to the online StreetLight InSight platform to transform big data from mobile devices into useful mobility metrics and travel pattern analyses.

Since 2015, StreetLight Data has been working with VDOT on several major initiatives on a project basis. Projects ranged from a statewide travel demand model to transportation demand management projects in Northern Virginia.

VDOT executed more than 360 studies using its StreetLight InSight Regional Subscription, realizing over $14 million in savings over pay-per-use projects and traditional methodologies.

“Working with StreetLight Data has provided VDOT excellent opportunities to deliver on our goals of mitigating travel congestion and improving transportation offerings for the benefit of all Virginians,” said Nick Donohue, Deputy Secretary of Transportation. “Using StreetLight InSight, we now have the ability to collect up-to-date mobility data for any project, no matter the size. Different agencies and consulting firms are all working with the same set of data, so everyone is on the same page.”

VDOT’s StreetLight InSight subscription provides unlimited analyses of real-world travel patterns in Virginia, and is available to designated employees of planning agencies and engineering firms. Projects currently underway using the platform include, but are not limited to:

-Congestion busting: Consultants are using StreetLight InSight to evaluate congestion mitigation -tactics on I-95 and other key corridors.

-Travel demand modeling: StreetLight InSight origin-destination flows are being used to update the Charlottesville-Albemarle regional travel demand model.

-Commercial truck studies: StreetLight InSight commercial truck metrics are being used to evaluate the impact of heavy-duty and medium duty trucks on congestion through I-66.

“VDOT is using its Regional Subscription to StreetLight InSight to address large and small projects nearly every day, proving that the platform is a cost-effective way to obtain precise travel metrics for any project, no matter the scale,” said Laura Schewel, CEO and co-founder of StreetLight Data.

In another smart city initiative in the U.S, the city of Conway in Arkansas has installed Landis+Gyr’s internet of things (IoT) platform as part of the city’s efforts to become a smart city.

Conway Corp, which operates the city-owned multi-service utility system, is installing Landis+Gyr’s RF Mesh network to support advanced metering for electric and water customers, as well as its smart streetlighting initiative.

Conway Corp currently provides electric, water, wastewater, streetlighting, and telecommunications systems including video and internet services to city residents.

“Our goal is to manage city services and expand future offerings to residents in a way that improves both efficiency and the customer experience,” said Bret Carroll, Conway Corp CEO. “The Landis+Gyr smart grid network provides support for our metering and system modelling initiatives, while providing the opportunity to expand sensing and home energy management technologies in the future.”

Landis+Gyr’s connected platform of devices help utilities manage and monitor energy from the substation to the home.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Landis+Gyr makes meters and related software for electricity and gas utilities.

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