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Philips grows smart lighting footprint with Spanish deployment

The smart lighting projects involved the installation of 12,000 connected street lights in Guadalajara

In a new smart lighting deployment, Philips Lighting has installed 12,000 LED street lights in the city of Guadalajara, Spain. The street lights are managed by the Philips CityTouch street lighting management software. The Philips CityTouch system allows Guadalajara City Council to monitor, control and manage its entire network of street lights via a secure web browser. Lighting managers can monitor the performance of individual LED street lights in near real time and dim or increase brightness in certain areas, such as busy pedestrian crossings or public squares.

The Dutch company highlighted that Guadalajara has seen immediate electricity savings of approximately 68% compared to its previous lighting system and an annual CO2 emission reduction of nearly 4,200 tons.

“We were keen to implement a sustainable public lighting system that not only provides our citizens and visitors with the light they need today but which is also scalable and flexible to meet the future needs of our city. What we now have is a smart new digital infrastructure that gives us the option to connect sensors and offer smart city functionality if we so wish,” said Antonio Román, Mayor at Guadalajara City Council.

The remote monitoring and control of cabinets enable power outages and leakage to be detected and resolved. Philips City Touch is also helping Guadalajara to streamline its operations using just one interface.

Philips Lighting adds Baidu to its partner program

In related news, Philips Lighting also announced that it has added Chinese internet search provider Baidu to its partner program. Baidu will ensure that DuerOS, its conversational artificial intelligence (AI) operating system (OS), is integrated with the Philips Hue connected lighting system for the home. This means that Philips Hue lights will work with all smart devices embedded with DuerOS, from smart speakers to wearable devices, which can be easily controlled through voice commands.

“With the rise of artificial intelligence, voice interaction is proving to be a natural gateway to enabling smart living,” said Sridhar Kumaraswamy, business leader of home systems at Philips Lighting. “Through voice recognition, Philips Hue will provide a seamless connection to a variety of smart appliances and wearables, accelerating the development of smart home lighting and IoT in China.”

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