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Maryland to invest $50 million to implement smart traffic system

The smart traffic initiative stipulates the deployment of smart signals on 14 corridors across the state

Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan announced  the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is investing $50.3 million to deploy smart traffic signals that will improve traffic operation and ease congestion for approximately 700,000 drivers per day on 14 major corridors across the state.

The authorities said the smart traffic system uses real-time traffic conditions and computer software that adjusts the timing of traffic signals, synchronizes the entire corridor, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) to keep traffic moving.

“By replacing 20-year-old existing controls with smart traffic signals, we will have the ability to respond to changes in traffic flow, as well as traffic conditions immediately – benefiting nearly 700,000 Maryland citizens across the state,” said Governor Larry Hogan.

Smart signals operate with an adaptive signal control system, which uses enhanced detection to monitor traffic conditions and alter the timing of traffic signals.

Kenya’s capital Nairobi to implement smart traffic initiative in two years

In related news, Kenya’s capital Nairobi aim to launch a traffic control system in two years, African press reported.

The city’s new smart traffic system is being designed in a move to ease congestion on key city roads.

The majority of the funding for the proposed initiative was provided by the World Bank who funded 80% of the required investment.

According to the press reports, the design of The Nairobi Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) project was inspired by the management of traffic flow in the U.K.

Nairobi’s smart traffic system will use traffic control technologies such as intelligent traffic lights, road markings, and signage installed at 100 intersections across the city during the first phase of the project.

The initiative also has a component on enforcement measures such as violation of traffic lights and speed limit.

The smart traffic project is being implemented by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) in partnership with Nairobi City County, National Transport and Safety Authority as well as Kenya’s transport ministry.


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