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Nokia, Bosch focus on industrial IoT use cases

Logistics, tracking, environmental sensing and automation among target industrial IoT applications

With the high capacity and low latency expected from 5G, industrial applications that can benefit from automation and remote equipment control. To that end, Nokia has partnered with industrial giant Bosch to help develop the industrial IoT space.

At a high level, Bosch will leverage Nokia’s IMPACT IoT platform to better control and manage its existing portfolio of connected devices and attendant solutions, which use sensors and other embedded electronics to improve operational efficiencies. According to the companies, early focus will be on asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring. Trials will be conducted with customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa ahead of planned commercialization early next year.

Given Bosch’s position in the industrial market, Nokia Head of Strategic Partnerships Laurent Le Gourierrec emphasized the “strategic” nature of the agreement. “The combination of devices, connectivity and services from two worldwide leaders will allow for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovating IoT applications.”

This move comes after Nokia announced an ongoing partner program called WIVE, WIreless for VErticals. The idea is run the project for two years during which testing and pilot projects will explore delivery of the requirements of various future applications of next generation network technologies. Another primary goal is to understand the spectral needs associated with various use cases, some of which require little capacity and latency, smart metering for instance, and others that will need everything 5G has to offer like remote industrial control.

This is part of a larger trend among telecom vendors working to articulate these applications to ensure rapid adoption and monetization.

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions CEO Markus Lang said, “With our companies’ complementary offering, Nokia is the perfect partner to build comprehensive IoT business solutions. We strongly believe that collaboration and interoperability are key enablers to scale IoT solutions. This cooperation is a major milestone on the way.”

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