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Cisco secures new smart city project in the U.K.

The U.S. networking company will work with the city of Southend-on-Sea in a number of smart city initiatives

Cisco has signed a new agreement for the deployment of a number of smart city initiatives in Southend-on-Sea, in the U.K.

Southend-on-Sea said that the primary goal of the initiative is to create opportunities for energy saving, carbon reduction and sustainable growth. The smart city plan also aims to increase communication and interactions with citizens and businesses across the city.

Under the terms of the project, Cisco will help architect and collaborate on a number of pilot initiatives including:

-Community safety – with the creation of an intelligence hub using IP-based public safety solutions, leveraging CCTV and video analytics to help reduce anti-social behaviour, noise and aid crowd control;

-Smart traffic access and parking management – incorporating data solutions already deployed by the city to ease congestion, provide smart parking and improve pedestrian safety;

-Resident support – investigating the provision of connected care homes and providing healthcare applications in local areas;

-Environmental monitoring and management – initially to address air quality monitoring and early flood management using internet of things (IoT) technology, and

-Energy management – exploring new energy efficient solutions to help reduce power consumption across the city.

The smart city project will involve a number of ecosystem partners, with solutions built on Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform to ensure data and initiatives are connected, the networking company said.

“We want to further enable our citizens and businesses to grow and evolve, in line with the rest of the U.K and with competition globally. With Cisco’s proven expertise in the developing smart cities and technology sector, it is the perfect partner to help drive this initiative forward and demonstrate the potential of our city. We are looking forward to the collaboration and seeing our local residents and stakeholders realise the opportunities digitisation can offer,” Nick Corrigan, head of digital futures, at Southend-on-Sea, said.

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