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IoT alliance: Arm teams up with OSIsoft

The company that’s expected to deliver a trillion chips for internet of things devices is teaming up with the software provider that delivers operational intelligence to two-thirds of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500. Chip developer Arm will work with OSIsoft to help customers move data between the Arm Mbed cloud and OSIsoft’s PI system, which can run in the cloud or on-premise.

Arm and OSIsoft are both affiliated with Sprint’s parent company SoftBank, the Japanese carrier behind the largest technology investment fund in history. SoftBank purchased Arm last year, saying that it expects the British company to deliver a trillion IoT chips over the next two decades. This year, SoftBank invested several hundred million dollars in OSIsoft, buying out several of the industrial software firm’s previous investors.

Arm’s Mbed is chip-based device provisioning and management software that operates independently of hardware, networks and cloud environments. The mBed platform is built on open standards and counts Toshiba, Zebra and Advantech as early customers.

OSIsoft is a 37-year-old Caifornia company that currently focuses exclusively on its PI System software. PI stands for process intelligence, but OSIsoft is on a mission to help its customers move from process intelligence to operational intelligence. Energy is OSIsoft’s biggest vertical and the company says 95% of the world’s largest oil and gas companies are OSIsoft customers. Altogether, OSIsoft has 188 customers and/or partners in the oil and gas industry, and 148 in the petrochemical industry. In addition, OSIsoft counts 180 systems integrators as partners. Now, the company is adding Arm to its partner list.

“We’re very excited to be working with OSIsoft,” said Arm’s Chris Porthouse, VP and GM for devices and IoT services. “The company has been a leader in helping industrial companies derive insights from machine data for decades. This transformation won’t occur unless these customers can trust the technology. Together we can help companies adapt to the industrial internet of things in a secure manner that works for them.”

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