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How connected machinery improved Hitachi Construction’s business

Telenor worked with Hitachi on remote management of connected machinery in mining and construction verticals

Japanese company Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM), which manufactures products for the mining and construction industry was looking for a partner for the development and deployment of a remote management solution to track and monitor construction machines all over the world.

To that end, HCM partnered with Telenor Connexion, which focuses on the design and operation of IoT solutions on a global scale. HCM was looking for a connectivity partner with asset management experience, capable of providing a flexible business model focused on long-term relationships and reliable connectivity. HCM had some experience in connected asset management, but was looking for additional technology support.

With the deployment of Telenor Connexion’s remote management solution HCM’s connected equipment gathers information relating to location and operation. This data is used to examine the state of the equipment and to provide contractors with a diverse range of service options including preventive maintenance and cost reductions.

“Telenor Connexion’s connected business solution allows us to continue to respond to our customers’ needs throughout the world by providing them with the value-added products and services they expect from Hitachi Construction Machinery,” said Fujio Matsuda, general manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery, global business system center, IT promotion division.

Telenor Connexion’s connected business solution is based on a 2G/3G SIM embedded in a M2M module. Telenor Connexion is the sole communications provider supplying this solution to HCM across more than 110 countries, utilizing roaming partnerships to provide the connectivity service.

Additionally, Telenor Connexion’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow HCM to offer their customers a higher level of service guarantees, with increased security and operational support for the equipment.

The European connectivity provider said that the remote asset management solution enables HCM to offer connected machinery with opportunities for new revenue streams. The solution also allows HCM to offer value-added services including differentiated service guarantees, unique billing arrangements and just-in-time delivery of heavy equipment, Telenor Connexion said.

The company also highlighted that connected machinery helps contractors to improve processes including maintenance, operational support and security. Real-time equipment usage and appropriate maintenance can minimize the potential for costly and dangerous equipment failure. Connected machinery can also help improve the safety of construction workers through alarms and real-time sensor alerts.

Telenor Connexion and HCM host bi-yearly technology workshops alternately in Sweden and in Japan with the primary goal to update the technology.

Telenor Connexion was founded in 2008 and is fully owned by Nordic telecommunications group Telenor.

Some of the company’s main customers include Volvo, Nissan, Scania, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Verisure Securitas Direct and Husqvarna. Telenor Connexion mainly focus on verticals including automotive, fleet management, security, utilities and industrial manufacturing.

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