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VMware partners with SAP to accelerate enterprise IoT adoption

The two companies are working to launch a pre-integrated solution to enable quick enterprise IoT deployments

VMware said it will collaborate with SAP with the primary goal of creating an integrated enterprise IoT solution that supports the implementation and management of use cases across devices, infrastructure, edge, cloud and application domains.

VMware said the goal of this initiative is to enable fast deployment, scalability and on-schedule execution of IoT projects.

“VMware and SAP have a long and rich history of working together to empower our mutual customers to transform their businesses with solutions that help to innovate, simplify and move toward a software-defined enterprise architecture,” said Mimi Spier, vice president, internet of things at VMware. “Today, we extend that relationship with our collaboration to apply our know-how to helping customers successfully deploy and operate their IoT solutions spanning infrastructure to applications and analytics.”

VMware highlighted how its VMware Pulse IoT Center will help simplify IoT complexity and improve the reliability and security of IoT infrastructure. VMware Pulse IoT Center is expected to become available later this year.

SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system that helps companies transform systems that manage workflows or processes into intelligent systems by integrating technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics.

Both companies are working together to develop a pre-integrated solution to enable quick deployments while providing the necessary security and management capabilities for IoT architecture across gateways, micro data centers and the cloud.

SAP provides real-time visibility by converging time-series device data with business transactional data, while VMware will enable IT to have visibility and control of the IoT use case from the infrastructure operational point of view, the two firms said.

“Companies win when they can make intelligent real-time decisions at the edge and SAP ‘Leonardo’ supports that bold innovation,” said Nils Herzberg, senior vice president, global head, IoT go-to-market and strategic partnerships for SAP.

“By working with VMware, we are helping mutual customers to create innovative gains while supporting a reliable, maintainable and secure IT platform,” Herzberg added.

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