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U.S Cellular launches IoT portal in partnership with Nokia

The telco said the new offering will allow customers to manage IoT devices

U.S Cellular has launched a new self-service portal which will allow customers to manage connectivity of their IoT devices.

The new offering, dubbed “ConnectHQ,” was launched with the cooperation of Finnish vendor Nokia.

“Whether you are managing broadband connectivity to a handful of remote locations or tracking a large fleet of vehicles, we want our customers to be able to implement and manage increasingly critical IoT solutions with ease,” said Scott Scheuber, director of product management at U.S. Cellular. “We offer a rapidly growing set of certified devices and B2B products and services that increase the competitiveness of local businesses and improve the efficiency of government operations. By working with an established and proven company like Nokia, we can provide our customers with an intuitive connectivity portal that enables them to quickly add and manage all the IoT devices on our reliable, high-speed wireless network,” the executive added.

U.S Cellular said that ConnectHQ offering will allow customers and value-added partners to activate and manage their IoT devices and monitor and get alerted to unusual usage. Additionally, business owners can track usage trends over time to right-size their operations costs by adjusting data plans through a rich set of controls and reporting tools.

ConnectHQ is powered by Nokia’s connectivity management technology, which manages high volumes of connections from sensors and devices, and offers flexible deployment and modules for capabilities such as billing, mediation, and CRM. Connectivity management is part of Nokia IMPACT, a platform for building and scaling new IoT services.

The IMPACT platform is mainly oriented to service providers, enterprises and governments. It manages data collection, event processing, device management, data contextualization, data analytics and applications enablement for any device, any protocol and across any application.

“Nokia is committed to providing advanced technologies and solutions that enable service providers to unleash the potential of IoT,” said Jason Collins, VP of IoT marketing at Nokia.

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