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Industrial IoT for remote pump monitoring service

Yokogawa Electric will work with compatriot firm Iwaki to implement industrial IoT architecture for this PoC in Japan

Japanese company Yokogawa Electric Corporation announced it will work with compatriot firm Iwaki Corp. on a proof-of-concept (PoC) test for a remote pump monitoring service. Yokogawa reps said this service will use an industrial IoT (IIoT) architecture that is currently under development. The PoC test will examine the market potential for such a service, the company said.

Yokogawa and Iwaki will jointly conduct a PoC test of a service for remotely monitoring the operating status of Iwaki magnetic drive pumps, which are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food plants for the transport of various types of fluids. With this service, operating data such as the current being drawn by a pump, pump discharge pressure and flow rate, temperature of the conveyed liquid, and tank empty/not empty status will be collected via an Iwaki pump protector and transferred to the cloud using the IIoT infrastructure that Yokogawa currently has under development, and will be available for remote access from any location by a facility manager.

Yokogawa said that pump manufacturers will be able to use this service to ensure the timely maintenance of their customers’ products in the field. With this service, it will be possible to remotely monitor the operating status of multiple pumps, and a warning message can be emailed to the facility or maintenance manager to ensure a timely response whenever a set threshold is exceeded.

With the IIoT architecture that Yokogawa is developing, an IoT gateway device will receive sensor data via a low power wide area network (LPWAN) or some other wireless link, or via an analog/digital communications interface. Once in the cloud, this data can then be accessed using a cellular or fixed line network, the company explained.

“Through the PoC test, we will evaluate the market potential for this service and look into the feasibility of speeding up its commercialization by offering it based on a subscription model. By working together with Iwaki, a leader in the pump industry, Yokogawa will be able to present solutions that generate new value for its customers,” the company said in a statement.

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