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Ericsson partners with Volvo unit for connected cars

More than almost any other connected devices, connected cars need to communicate with one another. This will require interoperability of disparate devices, networks and software platforms. That’s why software developers, network engineers and automakers are partnering and cooperating to create new frameworks for autonomous vehicles.

Sweden has the potential to be a center of gravity for connected cars, with Volvo and Ericsson working together to create a connected cloud with a focus on safety. Ericsson will collaborate with Zenuity, an automotive software development joint venture formed by Volvo and Autoliv, a well-known supplier of automotive safety technology. The goal of the partnership is the development of an end-to-end platform for safety, advanced driver assistance support and autonomous driving software. The solutions created by the partnership are likely to be used by Volvo as well as other automakers. Zenuity’s mission is to sell software across the automotive market.

Ericsson said it will work closely with Zenuity to develop a connected cloud with software for automotive original equipment manufacturers, powered by Ericsson’s IoT accelerator. Ericsson’s IoT accelerator is a cloud-based cross-industry software-as-a-service offering for telecom operators and enterprise customers.

Safety first
Volvo has made automotive safety a cornerstone of its business model, and is poised to continue that focus as it moves towards autonomous vehicles.CEO Håkan Samuelsson has said his company will assume all liability for its autonomous cars, implying that insurance companies would presumably not be liable if a self-driving Volvo caused an accident.

“With a strong focus on increasing safety through ADAS and AS software and functions, our unique expertise in ADAS and autonomous technologies combined with Ericsson’s technology leadership in complex connectivity solutions is a win-win for the entire automotive industry,” said Zenuity CEO Dennis Nobelius. “Together, we will provide OEMs with unique, robust and scalable cloud-based solutions with much faster time to market, allowing them to capture the seemingly endless possibilities in the connected automotive ecosystem of the future.”

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