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Italian IoT startup signs connectivity deal with Orange

Orange connectivity will strengthen Sherlock’s IoT anti-theft solution for bicycles

Sherlock, an internet of things (IoT), bicycle security startup based in Turin, Italy, has signed an agreement with French firm Orange Business Services to support its global business with IoT connectivity and a management portal over the next three years.

Under the agreement, Sherlock will use Orange embedded SIM cards in its invisible IoT bicycle anti-theft solution, which is currently being rolled out in Europe and North America. The solution incorporates a small anti-theft device, which is designed to be hidden into the handlebars of any bicycle, and a mobile app. The device integrates a GPS module for localization, a GPRS module for Internet connectivity and low-energy Bluetooth.

Once installed, the device is virtually impossible for a thief to detect and does not alter the design of the bike. It also works as a unique identifier for the bicycle thanks to its “bike passport”. This digital document was designed by working closely with the Turin City Police and contains all the elements needed to prove ownership of the bike, the company said.

When the device is activated via Bluetooth, the owner receives a real-time notification on their smartphone should the bike be moved or tampered with. They can also track the location of the bike at any time, and provide the authorities temporary access to the information via a unique tracking code.

The Orange SIM cards are installed in the devices at the production stage and tested before shipping.

“Orange Business Services will help us provide cyclists with the peace of mind they deserve thanks to its robust, reliable connectivity, which is available seamlessly worldwide,” said Pierluigi Freni, CEO at Sherlock.

“In recent years, cycling has boomed in popularity, and this has led to growth in the premium bike market. Cars have had anti-theft devices for many years, but until now, the bike industry was lagging behind,” said Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president, Europe, at Orange Business Services. “With Sherlock, cyclists no longer need to worry about having an expensive bike stolen. The Orange collaboration with Sherlock proves how digital transformation can be a disruptive force, creating new services that respond to people’s changing needs and expectations”.

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