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Oracle focuses on smart manufacturing with Mitsubishi partnership

The two companies are developing an IoT platform to enable smart manufacturing processes

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics, vehicles, semiconductors and transportation solutions among many other products, is working with Oracle to digitally transform its operations. The two companies have developed an internet of things platform to facilitate a shift to a smart manufacturing model.

The platform leverages edge computing hardware and cloud-based applications to capture data, apply analytics and generate actionable insight. Dubbed the FA-IT Open Platform, Mitsubishi can connect devices and manufacturing equipment, as well as link production sites, to deliver process efficiencies in supply chain, production and distribution.

Mitsubishi is also applying machine learning techniques to help facilitate “further development of solutions in the factory automation area for customers and to [the] smart manufacturing industry,” according to a statement from Oracle.

In addition to its own manufacturing businesses, Mitsubishi also sells a range of factory automation solutions including controllers, robots, visualization tools and power monitoring products. Factory Automation System group SVP Toshiya Takahashi said the company’s “concept for integration automation reduces the total cost of developing, producing and maintaining products.” He said the new platform will “accelerate IoT utilization for smart manufacturing. By adding Oracle Cloud services to the platform, we believe that it will be possible to visualize factories and build an application development environment. In order to provide the platform to customers early, we will also work with partner companies, including IT companies, to develop applications utilizing the platform.”



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