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Vertex partners with Feeding America

More than 46 million Americans, or about 14% of the population, rely on the Feeding America network for help. The network supports food banks, community centers, and other organizations that supply nutritious meals for people facing hard choices about food. According to Feeding America, 27% of the people it serves have had to choose between eating and paying rent, while 34% have had to choose between buying food and paying for transportation to work.

During the week of April 10-14, 2017, Vertex Innovation employees across the country partnered with the Feeding America Food Bank network by volunteering at their local Feeding America facilities. Some members of the organization sorted and boxed donated foods, others prepared meals for their local organization’s culinary fundraising program and others prepared meals for local children who face hunger.

“It was an interesting and valuable experience,” said Vertex construction oversight representative Owen Jones. “I’m so glad I did it.” Jones volunteered at the Food Bank of the Rockies in Denver, which is able to distribute more than 131,000 meals each day to hungry men, women and children.

“As a service provider, we provide superior project management for wireless carriers. As corporate citizens, we take care of our neighbors,” said Erica Smith, owner and executive director of charitable contributions at Vertex.

In addition to working with local organizations to distribute, Feeding America works on the supply side of the food equation as well. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food service companies and farmers are all targeted in order to gather food before it goes to waste. Feeding America says 25 – 40% of food grown, processed and transported in the U.S. will never be consumed, and more food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other single material in municipal solid waste.

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