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VMware collaborates with ADLINK to simplify IoT implementations

The two firms are testing their respective IoT products to offer a single-point IoT solution

VMware has signed an agreement with ADLINK Technology to provide mutual customers with a pre-integrated internet of things (IoT) solution. The two firms are currently testing and enabling their respective IoT solutions to work together to offer mutual customers an IoT offering featuring the requisite hardware, software and services. Additionally, the companies said they expect to conduct joint go-to-market activities.

The two companies highlighted that due to the lack of a single-point IoT solution, enterprises are forced to cobble together multiple offerings and then invest time and effort to maintain them in the longer run–which is a major inhibitor to IoT adoption.

ADLINK provides the hardware and advanced software capabilities necessary for the multi-vendor, multi-standard connectivity required in end-to-end IT/OT business solutions.

Under the deal, VMware’s Pulse IoT Center will deliver the monitoring, managing and security needs of IoT infrastructure. Additionally, Pulse IoT Center will simplify IoT complexity and improve the reliability and security of IoT infrastructure. VMware Pulse IoT Center is expected to become available during 2017.

“The world of IoT is exciting and daunting at the same time. OT and IT organizations approach very aligned goals from different points of view, and a common denominator is hard to find. ADLINK and VMware’s collaboration shows what happens when we bridge the divide,” Rob Risany, executive vice president of IoT strategy, solutions and technology at ADLINK, said.

“VMware and ADLINK have a common goal of speeding up IoT adoption for organizations by enabling their solutions to reduce the time and effort required to setup an end-to-end IoT solution and improve the experience. VMware and ADLINK together will provide a comprehensive edge infrastructure solution to power IoT analytics platforms that deliver new business insights for mutual customers,” Mimi Spier, vice president, internet of things, at VMware, said.

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