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Industry veterans join Edge Velocity as senior advisors

Edge Velocity advisors to help company achieve business goals

Edge Velocity Corporation, a provider of intelligent networks, announced industry veterans Jill Wittels and Edna Conway are joining the company as senior advisors.

Wittels currently serves as an advisor for several budding technology companies, and Conway as Cisco’s chief security officer, global value chain. As advisors to the company, the women will work to help Edge Velocity achieve its business goals.

Edge Velocity was founded after the Sept. 11 attacks in an effort to create reliable and secure communication solutions in turbulent environments. The company is a champion of “safe cities” — a branch of smart cities — which looks to the internet of things (IoT) to address public safety concerns. Edge Velocity has developed software that enables continuous communication among various technologies. If communication over one channel drops, Edge Velocity solutions can find an alternative channel to maintain connectivity. It’s technology has been adopted by the Fire Department of New York, iRobot Corporation and Raytheon Company.

“Edge Velocity is extremely well-positioned for future growth as our unique ability to provide secure, reliable communications solutions is being recognized by service providers, government agencies and technology providers as an ideal solution for supporting both IoT and Safe City applications,’” said Paula C. Beauregard, co-founder and CEO at Edge Velocity. “The addition of Edna and Jill to our board of advisors will fuel this growth by adding key expertise, advice and relationships that will be critical as we continue to scale to meet the needs of the market and our goals for the business in 2018 and beyond. We are incredibly fortunate to have them as part of the team.”

Wittels brings her background as a corporate vice president of businesses and technology strategy at L-3 Communications to the position, where she managed a $400 million research and design budget, and aided more than 50 acquisitions. Conway brings her background developing a business strategy to improve security and resilience throughout Cisco’s global value chain; and has testified at many government forums, including the U.S. Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.

One of the challenges of smart and safe cities is the existing cloud infrastructure cannot manage the amount of data collected by IoT to maintain continuous connectivity among devices. To ensure smart cities can run smoothly as envisioned by Edge Velocity, uninterrupted communication at the network edge will be key.

“To achieve the potential benefit of a digital world, seamless and consistently available connectivity across diverse communications platforms is essential. Specialized wireless offerings addressing the critical need for continuous communication at the network edge is necessary to achieve this goal,” said Conway.

“Edge Velocity is focused on delivering ubiquitous command and control over a resilient network to enable business and society to capture the promise of IoT. The company has proven deployments that showcase how vital its unique solution is in ensuring the success of Safe and Smart City initiatives,” she added.

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