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How Ericsson is shaping the IoT

Ericsson focus is on providing end-to-end solutions for the internet of things

Swedish vendor Ericsson believes the internet of things (IoT) is becoming a key factor in sector after sector, enabling new types of services and applications, altering business models and creating new marketplaces.

Ericsson said its end-to-end portfolio for IoT connectivity helps telcos to introduce IoT services fast to the market, providing the lowest total cost of ownership while building new revenues streams.

The vendor’s portfolio consists of radio and core network solutions, a device connection platform and network services. “Ericsson’s cellular Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology for IoT, including NB-IoT, Cat-M1 and EC-GSM-IoT, is enabling mobile networks around the world to support massive numbers of devices, while our 5G technology will deliver increased capacity for massive IoT use cases as well as unprecedented performance for critical IoT scenarios,” Ericsson said.

Ericsson’s IoT core network portfolio including evolved packet core or virtual evolved packet core and unified data management provides connectivity, mobility, subscription and policy management for massive and critical IoT. The vendor said that the solution also supports the new class of IoT use cases requiring superior coverage, long battery life, and low-cost devices. It enables both a common core for mobile broadband and IoT services as well as a dedicated core with an IoT slice optimized for IoT services.

The European vendor currently offers end-to-end IoT solutions ranging from connectivity to industrial-IoT applications. Ericsson said that these end-to-end IoT solutions are built on the Ericsson IoT Accelerator Platform in order to speed-up IoT deployments.

Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator offers a full stack IoT platform offering connectivity, device and data management, monetization, analytics and security.

Ericsson is complementing its telecom networks with one single end-to-end IoT Stack based on IoT Accelerator. Ericsson IoT Accelerator leverages the scale, speed and lower cost of a cloud based solution to address use cases and applications for enterprises and telecom operators, the vendor said.

“Deploying IoT solutions on a mass scale usually comes with a number of challenges, including fragmented connectivity, security issues across the value chain, unclear monetization model in the business transformation, lengthy time-to-market to deliver new services, and scarce competence,” Ericsson said.

“Ericsson IoT Accelerator breaks down the barriers between billions of devices and millions of applications, allowing enterprises to build end to end solutions faster, more secure and truly scalable,” the vendor added.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is a cloud based horizontal cross-industry offering comprising of platform services and near product services, for telecom operators and industries. This offering provides a set of functionality offered as a service to enable agile creation and deployment of solutions for the internet of things.

“The software as a service (SaaS) business model provides the speed, scale and lower cost needed for competitively addressing the IoT market challenges. It allows customers to lowers the initial risk and initial cost shifting investments from capex to opex,” the vendor explained.

Ericsson also highlighted that the delivery strategy is multi-cloud, meaning that the service is delivered from public cloud and on-premises deployments. “An important characteristic of the IoT Accelerator offering is that although Ericsson provides a full IoT functional stack, customers can pick and choose the selected functionality from the stack, paying only for what is consumed.

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